“Security of nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools in France and Belgium and r

Report summary – Security of nuclear reactors (2017)


The nuclear power plants around us are a sword of Damocles over our heads. A new report by independent experts, submitted to authorities today, questions security at French and Belgian nuclear facilities and points at their vulnerability to outside attacks. These experts alert particularly to a certain type of facility at nuclear plants: the spent fuel storage pools. While these pools can contain the highest volume of radioactive matter in a nuclear plant, they are very poorly protected. Rather than wait for the worst to happen, let’s address this issue and take action.

“Security of nuclear reactors and spent fuel pools in France and Belgium and related reinforcement measures” October 2017


Independent experts who contributed to this report: Oda Becker (Germany), Manon Besnard (France), David Boilley (France), Ed Lyman (United States), Gordon MacKerron (United Kingdom), Yves Marignac (France), and Jean-Claude Zerbib (France).

Report commissioned by Greenpeace France

This report on the security of nuclear reactors and fuel storage pools in France and Belgium draws on the contributions of seven experts from France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States – specialists in nuclear safety, security, radioprotection and economics – to bring together the full range of expertise necessary to analyse the problem. Each contributor is only responsible for his/her contribution in the form it was commissioned and separately delivered to Greenpeace France.

A TELECHARGER | Report summary – Security of nuclear reactors (2017)

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