[REPORT] Blood-stained timber : rural violence and the theft of Amazon timber

Auteur(s) : Greenpeace


“Blood-Stained Timber - Rural violence and the theft of Amazon timber”, investigative report from Greenpeace, denounces that logger accused of killing nine people in Brazil, last April, exported timber for several countries after the massacre.

On the weekend of April 19, 2017, four men armed with knives, machetes, revolvers and rifles entered a branch road in the District of Taquaruçu do Norte, in the rural Mato Grosso town of Colniza, intent on killing and terrorizing the local population. The death squad, known as the “hooded ones,” tortured and executed residents along a 10 km path. In all, nine people were killed.

According to the Public Prosecutor of the State of Mato Grosso (MPE-MT), the attack, known as the “Colniza massacre,” was motivated by the greed of loggers and land grabbers over the natural resources in the region of Taquaruçú do Norte, a district of Colniza.

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