In Paris, most of our activities are in French but that should not stop you from

Welcome, English speaker !

In Paris, most of our activities are in French but that should not stop you from contacting us ! A number of us speak English and also other foreign languages. Wherever you come from, we want you to be able to get all the information you need and maybe even to get involved…

 » width= »14″ height= »14″/> Who are we ?

Men and women, old and young, from all backgrounds and with a common sensitivity to environmental problems. We are all volunteers and our aim is to spread the word about Greenpeace France and Greenpeace International campaigns to the general public at local level.
We meet once a month (in the evening) in order to review our recent activities and to plan up-coming ones. Members are then invited to sign up for each event according to their commitments and availability.

Our main activities:
• Raising general public awareness through information stalls, leafleting and involvement in Greenpeace France events,
• Collecting signatures for nation-wide or international Greenpeace petitions,
• Lobbying local decision-makers,
• Monitoring and information-gathering related to Greenpeace campaigns,
• Participating in local associations.

Are you convinced of the importance of Greenpeace’s approach and would you like to get to know the Organisation better ?
Would you like to participate in Greenpeace campaigns ?
Do you have some time and availability ?
If so, come and meet us !!

 » width= »14″ height= »14″/> Joining us

Would you like to become a Greenpeace volunteer at one of the 4 local groups in Paris ?
There are monthly Greenpeace introduction meetings open to the general public in French. If you do not feel your grasp of the French language is good enough, contact us and Greenpeace volunteers will arrange a session in English outlining Greenpeace values, its mode of operation, the current campaigns and a brief history of the organisation in English, as well as explaining how to join us, if you wish to go further.

 » width= »14″ height= »14″/> Contacting us

For any general enquiries or requests concerning Greenpeace France (such as work-placements, questions or comments about the campaigns or questions relating to subscription) please contact the Greenpeace France Head-Office.

If you would like to become active and join one of the local Groups in Paris, please contact us at the following address : [arobase] greenpeace [dot] fr