Statement on Macron announcement against deep sea mining at COP27

French President Emmanuel Macron announced today at COP27 that he supports a ban on deep sea mining [1]. Greenpeace France welcomes this announcement that strengthens France’s position against deep sea mining, after Emmanuel Macron’s speech at Lisbon in June.

By calling for an outright ban on deep sea mining, France joins the growing number of countries opposed to deep sea mining and calling to stop this destructive activity before it starts. Emmanuel Macron is the first Head of State to call for an outright ban on deep sea mining in international waters, leading the way for more ambitious positions from governments at the International Seabed Authority.

François Chartier, Oceans campaigner at Greenpeace France said: “If words are followed by actions, Macron’s announcement is really good news. France joins Pacific nations, scientists, civil society organisations and other governments that have been actively looking for ways to ensure that deep sea mining is not allowed to start. France could be a true leader in the protection of oceans by actively working with other nations to stop deep sea mining.”

The second week of the International Seabed Authority’s Council starts today in Kingston, Jamaica. Greenpeace France calls on the French government to support Macron’s position at the ISA in the coming days. France must oppose the adoption of mining regulations and the approval of any permit to mine and must work together with other countries who are actively looking for ways to ensure that deep sea mining is not allowed. Emmanuel Macron’s position on deep sea mining must be embraced by all departments of the French state, particularly in other diplomatic fora such as CBD COP15 on biodiversity. Finally, France, holding the second largest marine estate in the world, must be coherent and adopt a ban on deep sea mining in its waters.

[1] The exact verbatim is: « La France soutient l’interdiction de toute exploitation des grands fonds marins et la portera dans les enceintes internationales. J’assume cette position ».